Roesel-Heck is proud to announce our 2018 Product Launches: Burke Flooring, “RH’s Charm City Collection”, Allstate Rubber Flooring, Raskin Gorilla Floors, and USG!


Blitzstein Gives ‘Em Heck as VP and Co-Owner of Roesel-Heck

Dori Blitzstein co-owns Roesel-Heck Company Inc., a Baltimore-based wholesale flooring distributor, with her husband, Rob. But the flooring business is not where she got her start. Married for 25 years, she joined her spouse as Vice President in 2007 after more than a decade serving the nonprofit sector in a variety of membership sales and operations management positions. “I love pushing myself above and beyond my comfort level,” she states. “I believe that as you grow into higher professional positions, you often find yourself doing things that are uncomfortable, having difficult conversations, or teaching employees to push above their own limits whether they are prepared or not.” Furthermore, she takes pride in the leadership she has provided and the respect she has garnered in what is still very much a male-dominated business. “As a female executive, it’s an ongoing challenge to balance the strength of a decision maker with the sensitivity expected,” she concluded. “In order to gain respect in this industry as a female, one needs to be at the forefront of the business, strong and sensitive, and always quick and sharp.” She went on to credit NAFCD for allowing her to meet other distributors and learn about their operations and for giving her tangible ideas to implement that have helped strengthen and grow Roesel-Heck. Read More

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RH’s October Competitive Advantage:

“We support American businesses and over 70% of our product representation is manufactured in America.”




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