Roesel-Heck is proud to announce our 2019 Product Launches: Charm City Collection Hard & Soft Surface and Plankwise, Interior Hardwood Wall Coverings. More info and more intro’s to come!

When you make buying decisions,

decide to buy from us.

When we make promises,

here’s what we promise to you.

You receive an accessible sales team and customer service team

who readily answer their phones and respond to e-mail messages.

You can rely on us; our people on all professional levels know

your name and the type of business that you operate.

You benefit from our industry knowledge

which comes from annual mill tours, over 240 days of traveling

with mill reps per year, and fourteen industry led learning sessions per year.

Your business challenges will be solved expeditiously

as 98% of all customer complaints are reviewed by upper management

within the same business day and submitted for resolution by COB.

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