We are proud to represent SIKA, a world renowned market leader in cement, epoxy and polyurethane chemistry.

And specify your acoustical underlayment with US Rubber Quiet Sound, our new supplier of recycled sound reducer!


When you make buying decisions,

decide to buy from us.

When we make promises,

here’s what we promise to you.

You receive your products on time and accurately as we have five checks and balances in place

from the time of order intake to the moment your material is loaded on to our trucks.

We save your bottom line $6,240 per year based on three deliveries per week

with an average delivery fee of $40.00, by eliminating delivery fees for orders over $300.

You receive regular deliveries from our local stock as we deliver to 80% of our territory at least three days

per business week and we make exceptions 98% of the time for exceptional circumstances.

We do not compete with you as we appreciate your role in the supply chain and we are the sole distributor

in our trading areawho sells only to our flooring contractor customers and not to the end users or installers.

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