About Us


We are more than just your warehouse distribution portal, we can be counted on to go the extra mile to ensure quality results. Our loyal customers are our top priority!

We work with a multitude of flooring contractors and dealers, providing premier customer service and product knowledge. Roesel-Heck is committed to offering you superior value and support. We believe in our products and we believe in our people — that’s why Roesel-Heck’s integrity, commitment, and experience makes us your great choice!

RH’s Twelve 2018 New Year’s promises…

12-         to eliminate delivery fees for orders over $300 and save your bottom line $6,240 per year based on three deliveries per week with an average delivery fee of $40.00.

11-         to deliver to 80% of our territory at least three days per business week and to make exceptions 98% of the time for exceptional circumstances.

10-         that our sales team and customer service team will be accessible and available for phone calls and will return all calls within one hour of being received.

9-            that you can rely on our service people; our employees have a minimum of six years working in our company so when you call us, our people on all professional levels know your name and the type of business that you operate. Ordering, delivery, and billing will go a lot more smoothly because we know you and what you need.

8-            to deliver your products on time and accurately as we have five checks and balances in place from the time of order intake to the moment your material is loaded on to our trucks.

7-            that our industry knowledge comes from annual mill tours, over 240 days of traveling with mill reps per year, fourteen industry led learning sessions per year, and our sales team members have a minimum of fifteen years of flooring experience, twice that of our largest competitor in this industry.

6-            to be your long standing flooring distributor in this market as we have been in business for over sixty years. We are financially strong, we pay our bills on time, take mill discounts, offer customer incentives, and we will continue to add to our product lines by increasing new offerings by 25% each year. We also continue to represent existing product lines for almost forty years.

5-            to be the only local flooring distributor with over sixty-five years’ experience in selling both on the commodity and negotiated level of sales as well as specified work and to continue to demonstrate success in both ends of this business.

4-            to solve problems expeditiously as 98% of all customer complaints are reviewed by upper management within the same business day and submitted for resolution by COB.

3-            to represent brand name manufacturers and to locally stock over half our product lines for next day delivery.              

2-            to always appreciate your role in the supply chain and to be  the sole distributor in our trading area who sells only to our flooring dealer customers and not to the end users.

1-            to support American businesses as over 70% of our product representation is manufactured in America.

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