Return Policy

At Roesel-Heck, we understand that you are at times faced with overstock issues, ordering errors, and items that need to be returned to the mill. It is our goal to help things run smoothly.

As always, we readily accept returns of items shipped in error by RH. However, in all other circumstances, the standard re-stock fee for returnable items to the RH warehouse is 20%. When you call a RH representative and indicate your request to return material, you will be notified of this restock fee. For mill returns, a re-stock fee and freight to return items to the mill are charged to RH; we simply pass these fees forward to you with no additional up-charge. We try to be fair and we promise to carefully review each situation.

All requests for returns must be submitted in writing.

Roesel-Heck attempts to maintain consistent levels of inventory so that materials can be shipped in an efficient fashion. For this reason, and in response to several market factors not within our control, not all materials can be returned. The following are some guidelines for you to consider regarding possible non-returnable merchandise:

  • items not stocked by Roesel-Heck
  • special order items
  • sale items or “dropped” items
  • powders and adhesive items that must be stored in regulated environmental conditions
  • cut or altered items
  • items denied for return by the mill
  • small quantities of lot specific items

Please use this information as a guideline in placing orders. While we pledge to do our best to be accommodating and fair, the guidelines and conditions are subject to change at our discretion.

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